Private In-Home Speech Therapy

We provide your child with private, affordable speech therapy in the comfort and convenience of your own home! We believe in making therapy fun and engaging for your child. We can also treat children at their daycare or preschool.

Why do we provide speech therapy in the home or preschool?

  • Research indicates that therapy is more effective in a child's natural environment. Being at home helps the child feel more comfortable and confident, so they are able to get more out of the therapy.

  • Seeing a child in the home or daycare allows therapists to get to know children better and build rapport with all the people in the child's life. This way, we can all work together to help the child meet their goals. The therapist can help you build therapy techniques into your family's everyday activities, so it becomes a natural, fun part of the day rather than a chore!

  • Providing therapy at home or at daycare is oftentimes more convenient, as it eliminates the time that families spend traveling to and from a hospital or clinic.

Do you take insurance?

  • In order to keep our rates low, we are a fee-for-service company, which means we do not directly bill insurance on behalf of families. Parents are responsible for payment and then are welcome to seek reimbursement through their private insurance. Parents can also seek imbursement through HSA or FSA accounts. Upon request, familes will be provided a "superbill" containing the information that insurance companies need for reimbursement.

Please contact us for more information and rates.