"Switching to Kerry was the best decision we have made. She takes the time to know him well and tailor his therapy to his interests and needs. This is worlds away from our previous experience. I would recommend Kerry to anyone!"

"Kerry has been amazing. She is incredibly knowledgable, patient, adaptable, and has an uncanny ability to determine what activities will most motivate my son. Within six months of working with her, my son was speaking hundreds of words, and is now speaking in full sentences. His progress has been exceptional. She has been fantastic to work with, and I would recommend her to anyone who has concerns about their child’s speech development."

"We loved our experience with Kerry. It meant that our son didn't see his appointments as a chore, but that he was visiting a friend to play with toys. And he was! Now his language skills match or exceed those of his peers, and we couldn't be happier."

"After going to several different therapists through insurance and through the schools, I started to accept that my son may never talk. Four speech pathologists tried. Then we met Kerry. When she originally said that her favorite phrase to teach kids was "I did it!!", I figured it was a pipe dream. Now, 10 months later, he is talking as much, if not more, than any other kid his age. "I did it!" is one of the shortest sentences that he puts together!"